in color and in black and white

One of the big takeaways from my recent sweater sampler experiment was an apparently dormant interest in colorwork knitting. Which in turn inspired me to sign up for Aroha Knits' Colorwork Catalyst Workshop.

I’m about halfway through the swatch featuring the second of three techniques covered in the self-guided course (see here) and will be returning to this topic when I complete all of them. In the meantime, I decided to seek out some additional multi-color inspiration / eye candy via one of my favorite resources, my stash of vintage magazines, and thought I’d share some of what I found here.

(The irony in looking for colorwork inspiration in vintage magazines being the majority of these publications, particularly ones in the knitting category, only feature full color printing on the covers; meaning 95% of the photos are rendered in black and white. But we makers are a creative bunch, right? We can look at these images and conjure up multiple color combinations in our mind’s eye to our heart’s content. At least that’s what I assume publishers told themselves at the time, so that’s what we’re going with now.)

As you can see, I’m currently a bit obsessed with fitted pullover sweaters featuring novelty print motifs, which I blame on the fact I’ve recently acquired the most perfect pair of high waisted, wide leg 1970s style jeans and need some tiny tops to balance out all that volume. I’m also on the lookout for some tank patterns, which is another topic for another blog post.

Full disclosure: The last two images were not found in the dusty confines of one of my tattered magazines but are too inspirational to be left out. (I think I found them on Tumblr at some point, then they made their way into the folder on my desktop where I keep pictures of random photos of sweaters I like; and no, I am not ashamed of the fact I have such a thing.)

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