let's (re) do this!

Hello and welcome! Again!!

My name is Leslie, aka Bunny Fontaine, and I was / am / will be your hostess for what I hope to be longer than a month long experiment. Interested parties can read more about that vague reference here and for those who don’t feel like reading more about that there, the short version of the story is - in November of 2015 I decided to try my hand at starting a knitting blog. Mostly in an effort to document my yarn-y adventures but also as a way of distracting myself from an unpleasant situation in my life. (I think we can all agree moving is the worst, but having to move out of a house you’ve lived for over a decade with less than three months notice, and find a new place during the holiday season? Ugh…)

I can’t say I did a lot of blogging during that month; really I just put together a small handful of posts. (Which you can read below if so inclined.) Let’s just say I dipped a toe in the water and by Thanksgiving, although I kind of liked how it felt, I wasn’t sure the time was right for me to fully dive in. In the end, fate decided for me. Approximately one week into December the perfect house presented itself and this page promptly fell to the wayside while we moved out of one stage of our lives and into the next.

Fast forward fourteen months: the husband and I are living happily ever after in a quirky little black house next to a somewhat historical, rumored to be haunted, cemetery. Built in 1885, natch! The house, not the cemetery; the latter was founded in 1905. And yes, it is my teenage goth dream come true. Although for the record when I was in high school I never envisioned myself being married as an adult. On the flipside I always knew I would wind up being a writer. Not a blogger though. Neither blogs nor the internet existed at the time. But I digress.

At the risk of employing a tired cliché, moving changed my life and, on a more relevant topic, had a profound affect on my life as a maker. Surprisingly it also reconnected me with my long dormant witchy side. (In retrospect, perhaps not all that surprising because the whole grown up goth girl living in a black house next to a haunted cemetery thing.)

And I bring all of this up here because the universe recently informed me the time is right to shake the dust off this abandoned attempted work in progress and give this blog a proper spot in my project basket. Which, since I don’t have a concrete plan in place, will essentially just return this page to work in progress status but you get the idea.

Of course there is a much longer story behind this but, as this post is getting long enough and the longer it goes I risk employing more bad knitting puns and further digression, I think I’m gonna leave this second installment of my obligatory introductory post at that.

Tune in next time* when we return to actual knitting related content, in the form of a fun – albeit not particularly functional - project I’ve been working on: a sweater sampler.

(*I'm hoping to get this post up tomorrow but I still have to take pics of said sweater sampler in progress to complete said knitting related content; so, weather permitting. Otherwise I'll see you on Monday.)

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